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Side effects of AFO drop foot braces

Side effects of AFO drop foot braces:

The gauntlet AFO is more stable and less likely to cause irritation and pressure on the medial malleoli and navicular. The gauntlet AFO has its own set of side effects. Incorrectly placed hinges, improper fit, or skin breakdown may be the cause of these side effects. If the skin irritation persists, consult an orthotist. If an AFO causes the skin to become excessively dry or perspiring, it may be too tight.

Ankle and foot mobility can gradually improve after wearing an AFO. With time, people can practice walking with the brace removed. They can also begin to practice walking with an AFO, as the neural pathways that cause foot drop are reprogrammed. AFOs aren’t a permanent fix, and the wearer should seek the advice of a physical therapist to determine which one will work best for them.